F*ck Fear To Become The Happiest Person You Know Membership

Hi my name is Aimeeleigh and I'm crazy passionate about showing you another way to mange your stress and mental health through holistic, natural solutions.

I do this through my work as a lecturer in mental health and psychology and my holistic well-being business, where I offer 1:2:1 coaching and online courses for anxiety, depression and conscious parenting. 

My professional background and training is made up of 17 years working in NHS mental health services as a mental health nurse and psychotherapist.

I'm also a yoga and meditation teacher, EFT practitioner, and Reiki Holy Fire master.



In all my years working in the mental health field, the most profound healing I have witnessed, is when a holistic approach has been ingested, and not merely digested.




Once I left the NHS I wrote a book called 'Fu*ck Fear: How To Ge The Life You Truly Want'.

Being dyslexic this wasn't easy, but i'm proud to say I practiced what I preach and got past my fears to bring this passion project to life. 

I've designed my life around my family and my business, and I now teach you to do the same.


My work is grounded in you being the true master of your emotions, your energy, and your future.

The truth is you have everything you need to heal, you just need a little support and guidance on how to access it.


And finally...

I have two boys and a husband who I adore, but I’m not to proud to say having a family is an ongoing huge learning curve that I’m dancing with daily!

I love fish and chips… Sorry but I just do

My real guilty pleasure is the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County’ ( I don’t bother with the rest... ) I’m also quite partial to BayWatch the series too…(reruns) it’s my latest junk t.v distraction… But honestly, I love anything 80’s!

I love to mountain bike and run… Sometimes it’s the only way to get peace and quiet from my kids!



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