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I’m a Welsh valley’s girl with a wild heart, passion and true calling to help you F*ck Fear to Become the Happiest Person You Know.

I grew up amongst social poverty and mental health issues, as someone who has dyslexia, and was always ‘spiritual connected’ shall we say, I stuck out like a sore thumb and had to learn the hard way that ‘through suffering comes wisdom’, and that wisdom is to be shared.

My refusal to settle for the life I was born in to, combined with a calling to serve others, I left the Welsh valley’s and pursued a career in mental health nursing.

Following this I soon trained as a creative arts psychotherapist and began my Buddhist studies, which led me to develop my professional training in to using mindfulness and compassion as a treatment therapy.

Alongside this I also trained as a yoga teacher and traveled around Asia then Australia.

After 17 years working in U.K and Australia mental health services, I saw that I wasn’t serving people in the best way I knew how, through my private practice I could work with people through the heart in a more spiritual way, as I grew more spiritual and devoured the teachings of the Gnostic gospels and the practices of Christ Consciousness, alongside my Buddhist and Yoga studies, I saw that the mental health crisis we’re currently experiencing in our society is because we’re in a spiritual crisis.


In all my years working in the mental health field, the most profound change I have seen people make is when a spiritual practice has been adopted. A surrendering to something bigger and more powerful than you. Where a practice of mindfulness, radical acceptance and compassion have been embodied, and ingested, instead of merely digested!


The truth is if you’re here, you have probably lost your connection to your True Self, and through this disconnection I’m guessing you’re lost, and you’re suffering too…

It’s ok, I understand, I’ve been there too...And we’re not alone!

Our society is consumed by dis-ease because of this disconnection, stress, and ego attachment leads you to live half lives consumed with fear, trapped in a cycle of inauthenticity, hopelessness, and judgement…

And so I realised I was working in a system which was supposed to help those suffering most, but instead of helping, I came to see it supported and fed the suffering.

As a result, struggling with compassion fatigue, migraines, and severe burnout, my family life began to struggle, and I started to experience the mental health challenges that I was treating my clients for.

I went through what I call a ‘Dark Night’ of my soul, and on the other side emerged to hear my calling more clearly than ever before.

And so I said goodbye to my NHS career and started my own spiritual life coaching business and wrote my first book                 ‘F*ck Fear: How to Get the Life You Truly Want’.


This book came from the Divine Feminine through my heart, while at the same time I trained as a Holy Fire Master Reiki energy healer and attuned to the heart of the Magdalene.

My book and my work, is not your average spiritual teachings, and I am not your average spiritual teacher!

In fact, I’m probably the naughtiest spiritual teacher you’ll meet… But I can proudly say I’m also one of the most authentic and passionate.

My work is grounded in you being the true master of your energy, your destiny and your day to day life.

I don’t finger wagg or judge you for mistakes you’ve made, in fact, true spiritual teachings of Christ Consciousness, the Buddha and Yoga, simply ask you to embrace and love every part of you, even the parts you’re most ashamed of.

No person is above or below you, and no person can end your suffering except you!

Through your own heart and by connecting to your True Self, you can become the happiest person you know.

You can let go of your suffering which comes from being consumed by your own ego mind and your own fear.

Through blending ancient spiritual teachings with modern day psychology and life coaching practices, my purpose is to empower you to kick start your connection to your True Self through understanding your ego, mastering your emotions and living a life with meaning, passion and purpose.

This is the key to the end of our mental health crisis and societal dis-ease…

I passionately believe ‘Your happiness will change the world!’

And I’d love to show you how!

Click here to learn more about joining my ‘F*ck Fear to Become the Happiest Person You Know’ 8 Week Bootcamp, and do just that… Become the happiest person you know!

I have two boys and a husband who I adore, but I’m not to proud to say having a family is an ongoing huge learning curve that I’m dancing with daily!

I love fish and chips… Sorry but I just do

My real guilty pleasure is the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County’ ( I don’t bother with the rest... ) I’m also quite partial to BayWatch the series too…(reruns) it’s my latest junk t.v distraction… But honestly, I love anything 80’s!

I love to mountain bike and run… Sometimes it’s the only way to get peace and quiet from my kids!



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