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Uncategorized Dec 04, 2019

So Tis the season to have to catch up with people you usually avoid...

Whether it's with family members, old friends, or just at the awkward Christmas School fair... It's at this time of the year where You're often plunged in to the face to face deep end of having to make small talk with someone who you don't like, or that just makes you feel uncomfortable.

It's at these times that our ego minds go wild in a frenzy to keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone and staying nice and cosy by the fire...

But sadly it's not always that easy... so what do you do? 

Have a little warm me up drink or two to give yourself a little self confidence right?

And there's no judgement here... as always...

However, as you know, relying on that can often bring more trouble than it's worth, it's also difficult to know when to turn that tap off.

So instead, why not try my very quick and simple exercise in todays episode...

I guarantee it'll have you going from seen or heard, to feeling super grounded, confident and strong in your true power.

Have a listen, try it out, then come join me over in my Facebook group 'F*ck Fear Wholistic Spiritual Life Coaching Group'

I'd love to hear how it worked out for you! x


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