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3 Best Essential Oils For Your Meditation

Uncategorized May 05, 2020

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If you’re new to meditation, or if you're simply looking for ways to enhance your practice, I'd urge you to consider incorporating essential oils.

Essential oils are volatile compounds which are basically the “essence” of a plant’s fragrance.

They’ve been used medicinally throughout history, from simple treatments like skin issues to more complicated diseases.

Today their use in modern medicine is having a resurgence,  as they are  either being used as a complementary medical treatment or as an alternative medicine choice, especially for your every day ailments or to simply support your health in a 'prevention rather than cure' way.

What we also know for sure, is they are incredible for your mental health and wellbeing and this makes them a fabulous addition to your meditation practice.

Essential oils can help you more easily transition to a meditative state and calm your mind.

They provide a support for your nervous system to soothe and calm as you come to sit and practice.

Without getting too woo woo, they're also known amongst kundalini yogis  Myrraphores and Reiki healers (to name just a few) to connect you on a deeper level to the Divine, to Spirit and to cleanse your chakras. 

So What are the best essential oils for meditation?

First, know that each type of essential oil has its own benefits and some oils are suited perfectly for enhancing meditation and some are known as Sacred oils, which are the most powerful in vibration.

Unless you’re meditating with a specific intention, (such as cleansing your chakras) you will most likely want to use essential oils that promote relaxation, are calming, and help you relieve stress.

You can also use oils that help you focus specifically during your practice if you have a particularly racey mind that jumps all over the place, and ends up making you feel anxious.

These 3 oils are most often used by meditators and yogis.

As you begin to experiment with essential oils, feel free to explore other oils or blends for your meditation. This list is just a starting point.


Frankincense is spiritual circles is known as the King of oils, and is the oily representation of the Divine masculine, hence the connection with Jesus Christ. 

You'll all be familiar with the Christmas story of frankincense being one of the gifts the wise kings gave to Jesus at his birth.

It’s been traded for over 5000 years in Northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula for medical, cosmetic, and spiritual uses. 

When considering essential oils for meditation, frankincense is a great choice when you’re looking for something calm your mind and help ground you. The oil is calming without causing sleepiness, which makes it great for a morning or midday meditation. It’s also often used as a treatment for anxiety, so it’s great for helping to calm your mind in stressful times.

If like me, you also like to connect to the Divine during meditation, you'd place frankincense on your 3rd eye and crown chakra too.



Another recognisable oil from Jesus Christ’s birth. If frankincense is the representative of the Divine masculine, Myrrh is our oily representative for the Divine feminine, and is often associated with Mary Magdalaine and the sisterhood of the Rose. Hence the term Myrraphores  who M.M was one, and the practice still exists today.

A Myrraphore is a healer who uses essential oils and energy healing, the lineage is ancient and is believed to go back 7000 years, all the way back to the worship of the Goddess Isis. (But thats for another post)

In addition to being a powerful fragrance, myrrh essential oil is great to use while meditating. The oil is very grounding, which will help you to get into the right frame of mind to meditate. It’s also good at mellowing emotions and can be useful during periods of heightened emotions of anger or sadness.

Place Myrrh on your throat and heart chakra for connection to Divine love, your True Self, and the courage to speak your truth .

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang originated in Indonesia. The distillation process can very by the distributor and you always want to buy ylang ylang complete or extra oil.

Like with all oils, how the oil is sourced is super important to it's purity and potency. Not all oils are equal.

Ylang ylang oil is most widely used for aromatherapy and perfumes, but it’s also used to flavour ice cream in Madagascar. Mostly the flowers are used in Indonesia and the Philippines for traditional and spiritual uses.

However, when it comes to meditation, ylang ylang is a great essential oil to use because it helps relieve stress and depression.

It’s often used to increase happiness and can be helpful when meditating during times of sadness or frustration.

Occasionally, when you first use ylang ylang essential oil it may cause headaches, so try to dilute it more if you have that issue.

The most important thing to remember with essential oils is for them to be truly effective they have to be good quality, they have to be 'certified pure and therapeutic grade'.

This means they're pure and potent and can do their job!

Many oils are simply synthetic fragrances, this is not only potentially harmful for your health, they're not therapeutic grade and will not support your health and wellbeing in any way.

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