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Have you ever experienced that comforting feeling you get when you light your favourite fragrant candle, or smell that lovely perfume your mum used to wear when you were a child?

Smell does have a serious impact on how we feel, it triggers emotions and memories whether good or bad and it even changes the chemistry in your brain.

Your olfactory nerve sits between the nose and brain and it's response is directly linked to the emotional part of your brain, so what you smell really does have profound psychological impact on how you think and feel in a super fast acting way!

So if you need instant stress relief, a little essential oil such as frankincense or Siberian Fir helps quickly and effectively. 

Nature really does know best. Think of how you feel when you're surrounded by trees. It's not just the calming greens that make you feel this way, it's mostly the woody scents of the trees.

Essential oils are compounds made from extracts found in parts of flowers, fruits, and plants. A few drops in a diffuser spreads the oil into the air, blissing out your environment with restorative or stimulating, motivating vibes very quickly.

Try adding a brain-stimulating essential oil to any of your self-care practices like meditation, a bath, or a yoga session, and you'll soon notice your energy changing and the feel-good benefits.

So which essentials oil blends can work wonders for you and your family?

First, make sure you know where an essential oil comes from and what's in it. Purity really does matter—the market is saturated with all kinds of essential oils, so it can be difficult to tell what’s actually pure, organic, and free from harsh chemical solvents, especially important if you're filling the air in your home with these oils.

I use doTERRA essential oils and supplements because of their co-impact sourcing and Certified Therapeutic Grade testing. You can learn more about this here.