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Ep5 'F*ck Fear: How to Live a Life You Truly Love' An Excerpt!

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2019

Today’s podcast episode is the excerpt from my book ‘F*ck Fear:How to Get the Life You Truly Want’ and it has been an honour and privilege to read some of it for you. It really is a dream come true and I truly hope you like it and it resonates! ‘Before we dive into this book, it’s important I share with you some terminology I use to represent what I’m teaching so you don’t get caught up with words and names and block your ability to understand what I’m trying to teach you. As a student of a Course in Miracles, a yoga teacher and a sister to The Way of the Rose, which is a path of intuition, meditation and dedication to embodying Divine Love, I use the word God to describe an energy which surrounds us, is within us, gives us life and unifies us all. This energy is known as Prana in Yoga/Hinduism, Chi in China, Ki in Japan, and in the Native American tradition it is The Great Spirit. To reference a Biblical term, ‘It is that which God blew into the dust to produce Adam.’ This energy is also known as love, and I believe Divine love is the only truth. Everything which exists outside of you is an illusion of fear and Ego. Ego and fear are man-made. I use words such as God, the Divine and Spirit to describe the energy that gives us love and miracles. These terms are ancient Universal wisdom, they don’t originate from Christianity or any other man-made religion. In fact, they predate all man-made religions and help you transcend the limitations imposed by such religious organisations. I ask you to remember this so any emotional scarring or negative connection you may have with the word God doesn’t influence or block your understanding of this book and how it can help you live the meaningful, purposeful life that you dream of. I get asked a lot if I’m religious and my answer is always, ‘No, but I am deeply spiritual.’ It’s often a struggle for some people to understand what this means, and I think this is because it means something different for so many. This book and my work are what I call spiritual psychotherapy. Spiritual psychotherapy is a system for living in truth, connected to Divine love to achieve inner peace. I believe it’s what’s missing right now in most people’s lives, causing a mass sense of dis-ease and suffering in our world. Too many people are living disconnected lives, stressed, miserable and meaningless, with no connection to their purpose. The spiritual systems I cover here offer personal practices and guidance to help you wake up, take responsibility for your health and happiness, and understand there’s more to your life than just existing in fear, sitting on the sidelines watching life happen for everyone else around you. You have a purpose and a calling. The discovery of what this is can only come through connection to your True Self, which is the authentic and real you – in short, your soul – which is directly connected to God. When you heal yourself, you heal your children and, in turn, the world I believe it’s in living your purpose that you will contribute to a rising consciousness that is happening in the world right now, and this is how you will contribute to changing the world for the better. Through healing and transforming your own emotional scarring and oppression from a collective Ego that has been trapped in fear, you will heal yourself and, through yourself, your children and their children after them. It’s this collective Ego which keeps you asleep, disconnected from your True Self – your soul – and disconnected from Divine love, the essence of God. The Ego keeps us surrounded by a veil of illusion. We are always kept busy, distracted and disconnected so we don’t have time to wake up and take a peek behind that veil to see life for the wonderous and infinite possibilities it can and does give us. I use the word God a lot in this book and in my day-to-day language. It took me a long time to be totally transparent about that and to use it in public because, probably like many of you, I was afraid of what people might think of me. Even though I know what I mean when I use the word God, I’m aware the name and different belief systems around it invoke strong emotions from thousands of years of misinterpretation and abuse. I hope to communicate the truth of what I feel through this book. If you have a negative connection to the word God, it’s probably because you have a negative, fear-based experience with religion. I’m asking you to let go of that fear and not hang on to the word God if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead, replace it with a word or name you feel safer or more connected with, or try to open your mind and see the word God in a different light. Some like the word ‘Universe’, others ‘Mother Nature’ or ‘Spirit’. Whatever name sits comfortably with you, use it, because the energy of love is the same Divine energy of truth. It doesn’t matter what you call it, because it feels the same to all of us. Let’s not make the mistake of many who have come before us and let human words, projections and attachments deter us from the truth we all know and feel in our hearts. Following the path I’ve laid out in this book, I went from living in fear, dreaming of fulfilling my purpose as a writer, creative and speaker of the truth, trapped in a career that was chosen for me and which I settled for because I was too afraid to face my fears, overcome my obstacles and walk my spiritual path, to someone who writes to you today to share these tools so that you can Make Time for You, ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’ and do the same. This book is about facing your inner fears and learning to recognise and understand your Ego, so you no longer allow it to sabotage you. It is about the healing that comes from reconnecting to your True Self, which helps you fulfil your purpose and lets you leave a profound legacy for your children, teaching and living by example. By fulfilling your purpose, you will live the abundant, happy life you are meant to live, changing the world in the process. I passionately believe the world is waiting for you to fulfil your purpose and share your gifts, so we can transform the world together. I know Because I Lived It It’s insane how, as a culture, we dream our dreams yet avoid taking the steps to make them real. Did you know your dreams are flashes of inspiration about your purpose, given to you as messages of wisdom and possibility from the Divine? But today, having dreams and making the decision to pursue them is sometimes seen as delusional or even selfish – tragically, especially if you’re also a mother. It can start young: some children are told dreams are just the fabric of their imagination, as if having an imagination is a bad thing, which of course it isn’t. Too many children in mainstream schools and society are encouraged not to dream or to use their imaginations. Instead they must concentrate on useful subjects that will help them figure out, at the age of six, what they want to do with the rest of their lives so they can contribute to the economy. Too often, children are put into boxes and labelled as either a good student or ‘needs to pay more attention’. Any child that fits into the ‘good student’ box gets through the system ok but if you sit slightly outside this box and, dare I say it, dream of living ‘outside the box’ then you have little hope of getting through the educational system emotionally unscarred. Unless, of course, you have parents who see what I call the bigger spiritual picture. My purpose, the reason I’m here and one of the reasons I wrote this book, is to help address the spiritually disconnected you, to reawaken the Divine feminine and reconnect you to your True Self so you can fulfil your purpose and, through doing so, bring a little more joy to the world. I also want to teach you this way of living so you pass it on to those around you – especially if you have children, so they have happier childhoods, survive the current human emotional health crisis happening around us and ultimately change the world too, because it’s our next generation who will do this. But change starts with you as the parent, the mother, aunt, or sister... the feminine whose role is to influence, guide and nurture. As a woman you are often the cornerstone of your family and your children’s health, happiness and future. However, you’re also a human being, and you have gifts to give to the world. These gifts won’t take you away from your children and make you a bad mother if you decide to pursue them. They’ll actually enhance your capacity to be a more deeply connected, conscious mother who teaches through example how to have a fulfilling and happy life. You know, life really does just come down to one thing, whether you’re a mother or not. You have a purpose and you have gifts that are meant to be shared. These gifts were given to you to serve all beings, not just humans, but animals and the environment too. Your purpose is connected to how you uniquely share these gifts. If you’re not fulfilling this purpose and promise, it’s because you’re asleep and Ego is doing your living, or shall I say existing, for you. When living in Ego you live in fear, simply existing asleep. That’s not truly living. When connected to your True Self, you live connected to God and you live connected to Divine love and in Truth; this is true happiness, and this is the key to being the best, happiest person you can be. If you’re here, reading this book, then you’re ready to wake up and start living consciously, to embrace your gift and fulfil your promise. If you’re already awake, then you’re here to deepen your awareness and learn tools and practices to keep you on your path, and to learn how to integrate these into your life. So, if you’re happy and can connect with all that I’ve said so far, let’s begin. Introduction We are in an age of crisis. Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are on the rise in women, men and, most sadly, in our children. Stress is proven to be one of the biggest contributing factors to ill-health both mentally and physically, suppressing the immune system and contributing to heart disease, hyper tension, strokes and many other illnesses. Our current fast-paced, crazy-busy lifestyles are making us ill but why are we, as a collective, so stressed? History proves that we have seen harsher times than these, yet the level of illness is much worse today than we’ve ever seen before. It is my belief that this heightened level of stress has occurred due to a deep collective disconnection from our ‘True Selves’ and the ‘Universal, Divine’ energy which connects us all. When I started writing this book, I struggled with who it was for: mothers? Business women? All women? I’m passionate about women’s spiritual growth and health, so I decided I wanted it to be for all woman because all women can benefit from every aspect of this book in their lives. I believe there exists a huge pressure on women presently in our modern-day culture, and this pressure is contributing to a collective disconnection from our ‘True sense of Self,’ our feminine energy and the Divine which lives in all of us. It’s this disconnection which is leaving us too busy in our minds, living for others and not authentically living our lives for ourselves. Racing around trying to be everything to everyone. Keeping up not only with the Kardashians but with whatever lies we read or tell ourselves (I’m too tall, too small, too thin, too fat, too loud, too quiet…). This mindset, this way of life causes poor health and lifestyle choices, such as over eating, under eating, smoking, lack of exercise, or binge drinking, which further exacerbate and perpetuate the problem. We get stressed, we turn to quick-fix feel-good, not-so-good-for-us tactics which only fill the gaping hole temporarily, then we go back to living unhappy lives, we get sick and we live in a state of dis-ease. Do you recognise any of this? ‘You’re not defined by the life you were born into or the parents you had or didn’t have. You always have a choice’ Tune in to hear more, or you can buy the book by clicking here


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