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Ep6 'What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Understand Your Dream'

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2019


A few years ago, I had a dream to expand my business, leave my career in mental health services behind.

 I felt suffocated because I wasn't communicating my truth, or helping people the way I knew that I was born here to do. 

I also had had children recently in the previous few years and I wanted to give them more of me, and a better example of how to truly make the most of your life and not be afraid.

All these things combined, I started feeling restless,  like there was more, I had to do something drastic, I had to leave my well paid, very stable career with a pension and benefits for a dream and what I felt was a calling.

I was terrified of what Andy would say...

But you'll hear me say this time and time again, if you're not living your purpose, you start experiencing symptoms of exhaustion, burnout, numbness, depression anxiety, the list goes on.

Your life will feel like a chore, and it's not meant too.

You don't have a choice, you came here to do something incredible and to contribute to the worlds growth and happiness simply through your own.

So, how do you explain this to your partner who just doesn't quite believe in, or quite understand the importance of this dream to you.

The dream may slightly vary, but the challenge and how you manage it is the same.

If like me you're at the point where you know something needs to change, and you've decided to make your dream a priority, you just need to now communicate to your partner, or you've started working towards your dream and it's causing a shit storm at home, then tune in, because you're not alone.


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