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Ep7 'The Truth About Mental Health: What I've Learned In 18 Years As a Mental Health Nurse'

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019

We Are In A Mental Health Crisis!

Stress is being blamed, but what’s the cause of you feeling ‘stressed’ ? How do you define stress?

And how does stress even impact on your mental health and quality of life?

This is what I’ve learned after 18 years in the field of mental health and emotional well-being...

Stress isn’t the only cause of poor mental health and well-being.

In fact it’s not the root cause at all!

When you experience more challenges than you have the resources to manage, stress builds and your mental health and well-being takes a dive.

We know know this already, agreed?

However what you and most people aren’t aware of is, your mental health is also affected by a lack of challenge or purpose in your life, for example if you’re feeling like you’re just stagnating drifting through your day to day life, not really sure about why you’re here or what life is really all about...What your purpose is.

Too many of us spend a lot of time in the pursuit of happiness by striving towards a goal or a better paid job, greater status, or obtaining the latest possession.

However, this doesn't give you real life direction or a feeling of inner satisfaction.

This kind of striving and searching outside of yourself to feel validated lacks meaning and purpose, and it leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

An unfulfilled life often leads to an unhealthy, unhappy life.

This is why after 18 years working in mental health services I can tell you, stress by itself is not the cause of mental health breakdown, the underlying root is so much deeper than that.

Tune in to this episode to learn about what’s really causing your ‘stress’ and ‘over-whelm’ and how you can dissolve it to feel happier every day.

‘There are two days which are the most important in your life. The day you were born, and the day you found out why.’ - Mark Twain


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