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Here's the First Step to Improving Your Mental Wellness

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019


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We're in a mental health crisis because we're in a spiritual crisis. 

Too many are living disconnected miserable lives and this is causing the rise we see in mental health illness.

This episode talks you through the Wheel of Life Coaching exercise which I believe is the first step you have to take once you've made a commitment to improving your mental wellness.

In our culture we tend to focus on the symptoms of mental health issues, or illness and rarely actually address the underlying problems.

Even when we talk of mental health promotion and awareness, as a culture we still skirt around the edges, and still only focus on managing the symptoms of addressing stigma or encouraging people who are suffering to' just talk'.

This isn't enough.

If you're struggling with mental illness or emotional and mental health challenges like fluctuating mood, chronic stress, low self esteem, then you need to go deeper and tackle the root cause.

It's my belief we're in a spiritual crisis, and therefore a whole health crisis, not just mental health, because mind and body are one.

So many are living with emotional imbalance that manifests as physical symptoms, and have no idea that for example their backache is a symptom of emotional or mental health imbalance.

Courage is what's needed to ask yourself deep questions, such as 'Am I honestly living the life I dreamed of' or 'Is my life fulfilling me the way deep down I know it should be' 

For most people it isn't and this is masked by distraction and numbing behaviours such as drinking too much alcohol when you come home from a job that's not satisfying to you, or worse, you hate, or binging on bad food, or arguing with your spouse, or you even shouting way too much at your children.

This is not how your life is supposed to be, and you, and only you can change it now.

Start here! 

As this episode is going out during the run up to 'World Mental Health Day' I want us to have a bigger conversation are the root cause of the rise in mental health issues we see today, especially in our children.

Your happiness will change the world, you'll create a butterfly effect just by waking up and living a life you love.

This life is created through intention, not default, not on auto-pilot, still living by decisions you made 20 years ago either because you thought you should, or because you were a different person back then.

I hope this episode gets you started in the right direction. 

Completing the Wheel of life is the most basic practice you can do to start waking up and having an honest look at your life today.

You can't change something when you're not sure what it is you want to change.

So let's get started, press play and remember to enjoy this exercise, self growth doesn't have to be all doom and gloom!



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