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Ep 16 Meditation Saved my Life and It Can Save Yours too: My Story I've Never Spoken About

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2019




Meditation saved my life!

Yes it's a bold statement, but it's also a true to my very bones statement.

As a young woman in my late teens/ very early twenties I was wild to say the least.

I was insecure and living a very toxic life.

Even though I was a mental health nurse (early in my career) and training to be a psychotherapist, I was digesting the information but not ingesting it. I was also only working from my head, putting a band aid on an infected wound and hoping it didn't come back to bite me later...

But, one day a phone call from a dear friend with a message from a psychic changed everything!

A long story short, this led to me finding Buddhism and starting a journey of inner exploration through meditation, compassion and a lot of analysis!

I stopped simply digesting the information I was reading and went to work on ingesting all the juicy nutrients coming from everything I read and studying with my Buddhist teachers.

The rest is history...And here's why I share this with you today...

Meditation is the secret sauce that allowed me to change my life and still allows me to love every second of every moment today... even the days where life just hurts!

Without it, everything is just surface level ego.

Check our the link to my latest podcast episode below and learn how meditation changed my life, and how I know it can change yours too.



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