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What's a Gratitude Practice: It's Probably Not What You Think

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020

Right now, think of someone or something you feel really grateful for. It could be your children, your partner, the home you live in, or the work you’re privileged to do. It could be your devoted animal companion, I know for me it is, even though I have the kids and loving husband too! :) 

 It could be the recovery you’ve made from an illness, a door of opportunity that’s opened for you, or someone who’s made an enormous difference in your life. It could be a beautiful place you’ve had the privilege of visiting in the outside world, or a sacred place you’ve touched inside of yourself.

Here's the thing about gratitude as a spiritual practice.

I’m not asking you to notice the thoughts you have about the person or thing that you're grateful for, I'm asking you to tap in to your heart and feel how they make you feel in a conscious intentional way.

 I’m asking you to feel what the actual vibration of tuning in to gratitude does to you:

It expands you; it opens you; it ushers you into a momentary state of peace and contentment. It brings you immediately back to your True Self.

I often hear people say, or even post around social media to be 'happy' you need to have 'an attitude of gratitude.'

This phrase can really be mis-leading, and here's why:

It implies you need to be positive, to acknowledge the good things that are happening, to verbalise what you're grateful for, to have a positive toward life.

But this isn't true. It's not about your attitude, if you focus on this you'll just start to feel guilty that when you don't have an attitude of gratitude, you're not a grateful person, or even a good person. 

The truth is, it's just a way for your ego to go around the back door again, sneak up on you and attack you from behind.

For example, when I was doing a 1:2:1 session with a client of mine who struggles with severe anxiety the other day, I introduced the concept of doing a gratitude practice together to help shift her emotional state. A gratitude practice is proven to do this very quickly and effectively if practiced right.

Her immediate response was "I know I should be grateful for everything I have" 

This simple statement confirmed to me that her understanding, like many others I've worked with, about using gratitude as a spiritual psychology practice is skewed... Instead of allowing gratitude to shift her emotionally, it was making her feel worse because she was actually tapping in to guilt and low self worth because of her anxiety.

A gratitude practice is about shifting your vibration, from fear to love. You do this by tuning into how you feel about something that's dear to you and that you're so grateful for, not telling yourself how grateful you should be.

Make sense?

Gratitude is not an attitude in our mind. Feeling grateful is an internal experience of fullness and expansion in your heart, an expansion that spontaneously arises from the recognition of love, of goodness, and of grace. 

It's a living expression of your own expanded consciousness. When you understand the vibrational mechanics of gratitude, you realise that it's one of the easiest and most effective ways to experience an instant emotional and mood shift.

You can learn more about gratitude by reading my book 'Fu*ck Fear:How To Get The Life You Truly Want.' by clicking here.



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