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3 Best Essential Oils For Your Meditation

Uncategorized May 05, 2020

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If you’re new to meditation, or if you're simply looking for ways to enhance your practice, I'd urge you to consider incorporating essential oils.

Essential oils are volatile compounds which are basically the “essence” of a plant’s fragrance.

They’ve been used medicinally throughout history, from simple treatments like skin issues to more complicated diseases.

Today their use in modern medicine is having a resurgence,  as they are  either being used as a complementary medical treatment or as an alternative medicine choice, especially for your every day ailments or to simply support your health in a 'prevention rather than cure' way.

What we also know for sure, is they are incredible for your mental health and wellbeing and this makes them a fabulous addition to your meditation practice.

Essential oils can help you more easily transition to a...

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Improve Your Sleep With These 3 Simple Yoga Breathing Exercises

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2020


A restful night sleep is vital for your good health and wellbeing.

But I can't tell you the amount of clients I have to have chronic sleep disturbance, and this impacts massively on their mental and physical health, as well as other areas in their lives like career and relationships.

If you're struggling to sleep, here's 3 Yoga breathing practices that will certainly help you.

First,  let's check in...Take a moment now, pause and bring your attention to feeling your breath.

How does it feel? Is there tension in your chest? Is your breath short and shallow, with your breath feeling as though it stops in your chest?

Truth is most people live in a state of chronic hyper arousal... Often locked in your fight or flight stress response. If you have tightness around your neck, shoulders and chest, and your breathing feels tight and short, simply put, you're not breathing correctly, and this pattern is following you at night when you lay your head down to sleep.


So what...

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5 Ways to Lift Your Mood and Keep The Black Dog at Bay

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2020

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These are challenging times, and with that comes fear, with fear comes an increase in cortisol and maladaptive coping behaviours. Without getting all preachy on you, here's 5 ways you can keep your mood lifted and the black dog at bay.

One of the main strategies I use to support my emotional and physical wellness is essential oils. I swear by them for me and my whole family.

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The Mindset You Need to Survive This Pandemic

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020


If you're going to not just survive but thrive during this pandemic, you need to cultivate what's called a 'Beginners Mind'...

Seeing things as you've never seen them before will help you let go of fear, anxiety and even 'boredom'.

Tune in and try the practice `I talk you through...

Beginners mind is helpful in improving your relationships, confidence and over all health and wellbeing.

It helps you let go of preconceptions and judgements so you show up for the present moment without the baggage of yesterday or your worries for the future.

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Ep 43 Self Esteem. What It Is and How to Get Some.

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

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Self Esteem is the foundation you simply must have to have optimal emotional health.

If you want to have rock solid confidence and be successful in every area of your life, including relationships, career, hobbies... Every Area! You must have a self esteem. 

So what it self esteem and how do you get some, because if you're struggling with confidence or you think nothing in life ever works out for you, then I'm telling you it's down to your lack of self esteem and your core beliefs infused with this.

Want to learn more, tune in to the video above or listen on the podcast.

You can also access this free chakra balancing meditation right.


As you learn, to have good self esteem you need to tap in to the innate power inside you, and connect to your True Self. 

This is done through restoring the energy in your chakras and connecting to the energy pulsing through your body.


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Ep 41 10 Easy Ways to Energise Your Present Self

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2020

Slow down and find confidence, and happiness by shifting your everyday habits and perspectives.

The key to any change is to really start small, try making small subtle shifts that are achievable, get out of your head, stop living in your past and learn to be present.

In this episode i've given you ten simple and very doable practices that immediately work, because there's no time like the present! :)


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Ep 40 Make Peace With Yourself and Others

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2020


'If you do not bring forth what is inside you, what is inside you will destroy you' - Gospel of Thomas.


In this episode it's all about understanding your shadow, your ego and your True Self.

In order to heal yourself you must know yourself... and this isn't just limited to understanding your core beliefs and watching your thoughts.

True self awareness, and consciousness is being courageous enough to see and own your shadow...

So, what's your shadow?

Well if your ego is the fear based part of your personality, your shadow is everything your ego fears.

It's your deepest shame, guilt, hated and inner torment, and left unseen it projects unconsciously from you in to your world.

Jung the famous psychologist said we must integrate our shadow to reach self actualisation.

In Buddhism and Christ Consciousness spiritual practices, this is to reach full conscious awareness and acceptance of your whole self... warts and all.

Ignored, the shadow manifests in to self sabotaging...

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Ep39 A Quirky Practice To Stop Self Sabotage

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2020

So as most of you know, I’ve been prepping for the biggest launch of my business for months now and running up to Christmas it was intense and right now I’m in post launch strategy mode.

And already I’ve had a huge lesson and growth spurt about understanding my ego and self some more.

So far it’s been filled with some intense up’s and downs and I’ve had moments of just wanting to quietly give up, but then I remember if I do, I’ll be giving in to my ego fear…

One of my biggest ego triggers is feeling like I’m failing because that’s what’s really tied in to a very toxic core belief I have, that I’m not good enough, I’m just not smart enough, and so I just have a hissy fit, cry a lot and give up, or I retreat, and make excuses like I just don’t have the time with having to take care of my kids and have a job, or it’s so unfair because that person has everyone on her side.

All the excuses you...

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Ep 38 How to Set Yourself Up For the Best Next Ten Years Of Your Life!

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2019

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The end of the year is always a fantastic time for reflection, and this year we're ending a whole decade!

If you don't know where you've been, you can't plan for where you want to go... especially if you're trapped in the past by your passed emotions...

Your emotions are like a time machine and left unchecked either keep you in the past repeating old behaviours and habitual patters, or projecting in to the future often creating a future in your mind that's based on the past...

To escape this you have to have full awareness of where you came from and how those emotions were created in the first place...

Tune in to this episode for my time line exercise and decade in review reflective practice.

Here's to making the next ten, the best ten! xx 

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