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3 Lessons I learned From A Course in Miracles That Will Instantly Change Your Life

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019

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For those of you who don't know, the Course In Miracles Is a Spiritual Text and is considered a must for those seeking spiritual transformation and inner peace.

In this episode I explain the Course a little and how it compares to the Gospels of Thomas, Magdalene and Phillip.

It's s s lengthy text, so to just summarise a little, I give you the 3 ideas that really drilled it home to me, and that can help you wake up and see your life clearly, maybe for the first time.

Tune in to hear more. x

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How to Nail Everyday With a Morning Routine

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019


I get asked all the time how I manage to get so much done, with two small children, my business, lecturing, the podcast, writing a book, making a documentary, cleaning my house, putting healthy food on the table etc etc

And the truth is I'm a secret super hero called Wonder Woman...

Ha! Joking, trust me, I'm more like Harley Quinn than Wonder Woman.

Seriously, the truth is I get so much done because I have a fantastic morning routine that gets me focused and positive for the whole day.

How you start your day is exactly how you're day will continue to run, so if you start your day on a positive, full of gratitude, prayer, meditation, exercise, and inspiration and planning, you're going to have a focused, aligned, positive day.

Hunnie, you're going to get shit done!

Tune in to today's episode to hear about my personal morning routine, and the four absolute must's if you do nothing else, at least do these.

I promise you, your days will no longer feel like a drag!

P.s Don't...

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Here's the First Step to Improving Your Mental Wellness

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019


Download Wheel of Life Tool

We're in a mental health crisis because we're in a spiritual crisis. 

Too many are living disconnected miserable lives and this is causing the rise we see in mental health illness.

This episode talks you through the Wheel of Life Coaching exercise which I believe is the first step you have to take once you've made a commitment to improving your mental wellness.

In our culture we tend to focus on the symptoms of mental health issues, or illness and rarely actually address the underlying problems.

Even when we talk of mental health promotion and awareness, as a culture we still skirt around the edges, and still only focus on managing the symptoms of addressing stigma or encouraging people who are suffering to' just talk'.

This isn't enough.

If you're struggling with mental illness or emotional and mental health challenges like fluctuating mood, chronic stress, low self esteem, then you need to go deeper and tackle the root cause.

It's my belief...

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5 Signs You're Being Called to Be a Spiritual Life Coach and Entrepreneur

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2019


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If you're tuning in to my podcast or you've stumbled across this episode, it's highly likely you're being called to contribute to the world on a larger scale. 

That in fact you're being called to be a Spiritual Life Coach and Entrepreneur!

I'll give you a clue and the first sign... if this fits, tune in to hear the other four signs and learn exactly what you can do to make sure you're answering your call.

1) You're feeling like you have more to give.

There's a rumbling in your belly that there's more to life, you may not be sure what it is, but you feel it in every fibre of your being.

You know in your heart you were born to do more, and you also know that until you start allowing yourself to believe this and discover what it is, you'll never feel peace...

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8 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

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Getting and staying motivated is super tough but essential to growth and success.

The truth is no matter how much you love something you're not always going to feel motivated to do it, but to grow and succeed you have to have consistent action taking towards your goal.

So how do you stay motivated and stay consistently taking action, even on the days you just don't even want to get a foot out of your bed?

Tune in to hear more about my top 8 super simple ways. 

1) Believe it or not, just get started! If you wait around to feel motivated, often you'll be waiting a long time, and the more you stay in stagnation, the harder it is to get motivated. So sometimes you just have to go throw the physical motions, and the feeling of motivation comes later.

2) Take one step, start small. Don't try to take on the whole mountain, just the first step, and then the next, and then the next...

3) Reduce your distractions,...

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5 Fear Based Beliefs Holding You Back and How to Change Them Right Now!

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2019

FREE TRAINING 'How to F*ck Fear and Manifest Anything You Truly Want' 

If you’re here, you’re probably waking up right now and feeling like there’s more to life, you want more, but you’re just not sure how or even if you can ever get it.

Don’t fret no more! 

You’re not alone. The majority of women and men today are living lives they’ve unconsciously created for themselves, on auto-pilot.

 I believe this is what is contributing to the global mental health crisis we’re experiencing today in the Western culture. (see my book ‘Fu

('F*ck Fear: How to Get the Life You Truly Want’)


But it doesn’t have to be this way, and a part of you already knows this otherwise you wouldn’t be here searching for answers and support.


Here are 5 of the most common beliefs that are likely holding you back.


 The truth is, these beliefs are no more than just ego fear (if you don’t know what...

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Am I selfish for prioritising my happiness?

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

 FREE Audio Training 'How to Manifest Anything You Want'

Am I selfish for prioritising my happiness?

I get this question all the time because it’s one of the biggest fears most women have, and a belief that can  sabotage you from achieving your goals without you fully realising it.

As a woman today we’re really good at putting everyone before ourselves, and our society actually encourages you to do this.

 Many women worry they’ll be perceived as selfish for putting their happiness and needs before others, for example their partners, friends or children for example.


But let’s look at this a little more!


There’s two ways you can put yourself first, and the first is of course putting yourself before others at the expense of others, and the second is prioritising what makes you happy and healthy in order to give more to those around you and on a wider scale.


Because let’s be honest, if you’re not happy, can...

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Why You Procrastinate and How to Stop

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2019

Free Guided Meditation to help you stop procrastinating!

Do you believe that procrastination is just you, it's just the way you are, maybe you believe you're lazy because this is what you've been told, or maybe you believe it's just your personality or it's the way you're wired and there's nothing you can do about it...

Well I'm here to tell you it is the way you're wired, but there's plenty you can do about it.

Procrastination can be a real life crippler, and dream killer!

Without you realising it it can damage your confidence and cause you to give up on your dreams simply because you don't understand why you procrastinate, and even better, that you don't have to.

Like all self sabotaging behaviours, procrastination comes from the emotional part of your brain, what I also refer to as your ego. Neurologically it's called the limbic system, and guess what, we know you can absolutely change and master your mind through mastering your emotions.

In short, you can retrain your brain,...

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Understanding the Difference Between Mindfulness and Meditation

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2019


Mindfulness is a buzz word these days! 

Everyone's a teacher!

But few really understand what it truly means, and the difference between a mindfulness practice, a mindful state of mind, and meditation.

I get it it, it can be confusing enough to put you off, or halt your progress when you don't fully understand what you're trying to train your mind to achieve... or not achieve!

Believe it or not, not all meditation is equal... and not all meditation is appropriate for you right now!

There are many varying practices of meditation and they often allow you to achieve different things, one size doesn't fit all.

Engaging in the wrong type at the wrong time can put you off for life, and that's a tragedy because when practiced correctly, trained by an experienced teacher, (who engages in daily meditation themselves and has done for a long time!) meditation will change your life, and supercharge your brain to help you achieve anything you want.

Meditation in all its forms are...

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Ep 16 Meditation Saved my Life and It Can Save Yours too: My Story I've Never Spoken About

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2019




Meditation saved my life!

Yes it's a bold statement, but it's also a true to my very bones statement.

As a young woman in my late teens/ very early twenties I was wild to say the least.

I was insecure and living a very toxic life.

Even though I was a mental health nurse (early in my career) and training to be a psychotherapist, I was digesting the information but not ingesting it. I was also only working from my head, putting a band aid on an infected wound and hoping it didn't come back to bite me later...

But, one day a phone call from a dear friend with a message from a psychic changed everything!

A long story short, this led to me finding Buddhism and starting a journey of inner exploration through meditation, compassion and a lot of analysis!

I stopped simply digesting the information I was reading and went to work on ingesting all the juicy nutrients coming from everything I read and studying with my Buddhist teachers.

The rest is...

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