Why Should I Use Essential Oils?

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With our increasingly over-whelming crazy busy lifestyles, more and more people are looking for natural and cost-effective ways to treat and manage their levels of stress, burnout, and emotional and physical dis-ease that threatens to destroy the quality of life.

With essential oils, you can literally take your health into your own hands and stay in tune with your mind, body and spiritual needs.

There is tonnes of scientific research and medical studies about essential oils, although what I’m most obsessed with is the emotional and spiritual powers of these oils.

Everyday I personally use essential oils for myself and my family,
to boost our immune systems, manage our moods and emotional
health, and even to help me connect more deeply to my True Self
during my meditation and other spiritual practices.

Essential oils are everywhere now your favorite cosmetic products, candles and
even home cleaning products. And while these oils are a great non-toxic addition to personal hygiene and scented goods,
they really are much more than that! 

In fact, they can be an extremely powerful mind, body, and spiritual health booster! 

So why are essential oils so powerful?

Well, essential oils are organic compounds that are extracted directly from the root, seed, bark, leaf, flower or fruit of a plant or tree. To give you an idea of just how concentrated these oils are, it takes about 220 pounds of lavender flowers to make just one pound of lavender essential oil and it’s therapeutic benefits are truly magical, I believe something that can only come from nature herself.

Essential Oils are Nature’s Gift to Us

You don’t have to be an expert to reap the benefits and enjoy the magic of essential oils

With a basic understanding of their benefits and uses, you, too, can add oils into your daily health and well-being practice, and use them to address conditions and issues that, in the past, you may have attempted to treat or manage using other

Before you embark on this plan to use essential oils, however, be aware that not all essential oils are “created” equal!

It’s imperative that you make sure you are buying the best kind of essential oils.
For example, essential oils that are steam-distilled are NOT good quality oils. The
heat kills a lot of compounds that make oils great! Also, some high st brands
essential oils are filled with pesticides and fillers.

Quality essential oils are Certified Organic, 100 percent pure,
therapeutic grade and indigenously sourced.

This is why I use doTERRA essential oils. The healings that occur in our lives when we bring doTERRA into our homes is only possible with a company that maintains the highest integrity, philanthropy and responsibility in their unique co-impact sourcing.

What happens next:

We’ll jump on a call after your essential oils arrive ​for your 30-minute health and wellness consult, and welcome call with me (your enroller)

You’ll also get:

● An essential oils welcome pack straight to your inbox, while your doTERRA essential oils are on route to your doorstep.
● Invitations to attend online and in person classes, circles and catch ups to continue learning and loving your essential oils.

● Exclusive access to private Facebook group with spiritual teachers, health practitioners and essential oils experts guiding your journey, Including a monthly oils masterclass.

● New membership portal coming soon with meditations, visualisations, spiritual and subconscious psychotherapy and coaching sessions, plus ways to work with your new essential oils.

● Upgrade to professional/business option at anytime – for no extra investment (whaaaat? yep, it’s true) For those looking to build or supplement an existing health, wellness or spiritual business.

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